ES Real Time Navigation  

Real Time Vehicle Navigation System

The system uses geographic position and time information from the Global Positioning Satellites. The system has an "On-Board Module" which resides in the vehicle to be tracked and a "Base Station" that monitors data from the various vehicles. The On-Board module consists of a Global Position System (GPS) receiver, a GSM modem and a call controller and resides in the vehicle. The base station consists of GSM modem(s) and GIS workstation. The information about the vehicle is received over mobile phone and is then displayed on a LCD.

This project that involved the designing the system including the printed circuit boards, selecting the components, developing prototypes, designing the case and testing it in the real environment. We have selected an ARM processor for the system keeping in mind the future enhancements the company wanted to bring on to the system. It integrates high performance ARM processor ( 32 bit ARM core - 33MHz), a GPS receiver and a GSM terminal into a compact device for improved safety and security. The basic function of the in vehicle unit (IvU) is to acquire, monitor and transmit the Position- Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Time, Altitude, Direction, Distance traveled to the Fleet Management Center, either at fixed intervals or on demand.

Applications :
  • Car navigation
  • Marine navigation
  • Surveying
  • Security
  • Agriculture



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