DSP Image Processing jpeg using wavelate  

  Image Processing- JPEG2000 still image compression Using wavelets

JPEG2000 is a newer concept than previous one JPEG. From a test image we DC level shift,Tile it and apply Wavelets at various level. Then each Block is encoded using EBCOT coding.
Thus the image found after decoder is sharper than JPEG and can be used for bigger pictures.It has Superior compression performance. Multiple resolution, representation, Progressive transmission by pixel and resolution accuracy. Both lossless and Lossy Transmission. Region of interest processing and flexible file format.

  • Consumer and Multimedia devices  e.g, Digital cameras , PDA , 3G mobiles , Printer , Scanners
  • C/S Communication  e.g, Internet , Image database , Video streaming etc
  • Military/surveillance e.g, HD satellite images , Motion detection and Remote Sensing. Medical imagery , esp. the DICOM specifications for medical data interchange.
  • Meteorological and Satellite Usages like Mars and chandrayan mission.



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