DSP Automatic no plate with nural network  

Automatic Number plate detection using Optical Character Recognition with Neural Network

This project describes the Smart Vehicle Screening System, which can be installed into a tollbooth for automated recognition of vehicle license plate information using a photograph of a vehicle. An automated system could then be implemented to control the payment of fees, parking areas, highways, bridges or tunnels, etc. There are considered an approach to identify vehicle through recognizing of it license plate using image fusion, neural networks and threshold techniques as well as some experimental results to recognize the license plate successfully.

Optical character recognition is extensively implemented using neural network.which generally solve problems where others failed to solve and MATLAB is an easy tool to implement neural network .Automatic number plate detection are used primarily on Toll booths, parking area ,security areas check up.The image of car is captured license plate of the vehicle is detected ,its digits are recognized ,displayed on user interface or check against a data base. Its various module include Extraction of License plate,segmentation of digits i.e isolating the characters,and identification of digits using a intelligent neural network . 



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