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VLSI Overview


VLSI (Very Large Scale integration) plays a vital role in the exponential improvement of technology. Structured VLSI design is a modular methodology of saving Microchip area by minimizing the interconnect fabrics area, with reduced power consumption and increased speed.

Our expertise spans ASIC RTL Design, ASIC /SoC /FPGA Verification through verification methodologies and Hardware Verification Languages (HVLs), Physical Design and Verification, ASIC Prototyping on FPGA (pre-silicon validation), post-silicon validation, system-level validation, FPGA based system design services and industry-standard Design and Verification IP development. We can address all aspects of RTL design starting from concept to gate level netlist. Our design team can provide complete RTL design (Verilog & VHDL) services or perform sub-function designs depending on your project requirements. With a highly effective model of operational excellence, our ASIC/Chip designs have had a high percentage of first-pass success with complex designs. We help you realize your product into highly integrated ASIC and SoC systems by leveraging our IP development and integration skills.


FPGA Design

FPGA Design

Our VLSI design team specializes in FPGA based digital logic designs. Our VLSI engineers have extensive exposure to hardware and software co-design.

We have the ability to handle complex, multi-million gate designs using latest industry tools. Our FPGA based product development team has worked on several leading FPGA & CPLD technologies these include: Xilinx, Lattice & Altera

Our core capabilities in FPGA Design include :

  • Device selection
  • RTL coding
  • Verification
  • Synthesis & FPGA implementation
  • Proof of concept on Evaluation Board


FPGA Design Service

FPGA Design Services :

Qualitat Systems provides services in FPGA based designing & verification which includes :

  • Concept & Feasibility Study
  • Technology Assessment and Migration
  • Architecture Definition
  • Micro Architecture Definition
  • Design Partitioning
  • RTL and IP Modeling & LUT  
  • IP Integration
  • Synthesis


FPGA Software Development

FPGA Software Development

FPGA /ASIC Software development :

Qualitat System has expertise in HDL coding which includes Networking protocols, algorithms, memory & processor.

Drivers development in FPGA technology :
Bus Drivers : I2C, SPI,PCI,AMBA
Off-Chip Peripheral Drivers : I2C supported ICs, I2C supported ICs, SPI supported ICs and EEPROMs, UART, LCD,Ps2 Keyboard, IR, GPIO, RFID, PWM, GSM modem
Processor : 8-16 bit RISC processor
Protocols/Algorithm : RC6 cryptosystem, Huffman, HDLC single & Multichannel, DCT, DFT
Filter designing : FIR /IIR



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